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is the easy way to accept payments online

No matter where the customer is Merchants can create a payment link and send it to customers through various social media to finish payment.



What Is Link Pay?

Link Pay makes it easy for any type of business to accept payments online even if they don’t have a website. With Link Pay, your customers can pay within seconds using their preferred payment method including credit card, PromptPay, TrueMoney Wallet and Line Pay.


Here’s how it works


Step 1. Create a payment link
​Creating your own payment link is easy. You don’t need to have a website or a domain because ours are ready to use.


Step 3. Click & pay
​When your customer clicks on the payment link, it will direct them to a secure checkout page where they enter their payment details.


Step 2. Send it
​Simply forward the link to your customer via Messenger, Line, SMS, email or any other application.


Step 4. Receive confirmation
​The merchant will receive immediate confirmation of the completed payment.

  • Online merchants can sell no matter where they are,
    in the same area, or even far away from customers.

  • Convenient payment
    No need to remember the account number. Our checkout page is now fully integrated with various applications, giving customers a seamless shopping experience.

  • It doesn't have to be complicated to create your own website link.
    You don't have to find a domain or connect to it, because ours are ready-to-use.

  • Manage the backend system,
    no need to check the account balance. Because there is an automatic notification system, order compiling system, even with a lot of orders, it's not confusing.

How It Works 

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