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Ksher payment connects Thai merchants to the global e-wallet and revealed

The cross-border payment trends at ‘Infinity Ventures Summit 2019’

The 24th Infinity Ventures Summit recently held in Bangkok was an international conference that welcomed executives from leading technology companies. It aimed to not only present market trends, new management techniques, and technology development but also inform participants about the latest trends in creating business leaders and searching for unicorn startpups.

In the well-received ‘Cross-Border Payment Solution’ seminar, Mr. Bryan Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Ksher, together with Mr. Tridbodi Arunanondchai, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of LitghtNet, and Mr. Wye-Shun Fong, CTO of Bangkok Payment Solutions, shared their ideas about the different payment ecosystems in each country. They also mentioned challenges in developing a platform globally adopted by users to stand out from all the other platforms currently available in the market. Furthermore, the company will globally expand the system to ensure borderless payment.

“In e-wallet ecosystem, Ksher plays the role of acquirer between wallets and merchants. From Back end to front end, Ksher delivers all-in-one advanced solutions by providing e-wallet acquiring solutions and settlement platforms,” said by Bryan, CEO of Ksher. Based on an e-wallet ecosystem, Ksher has created multi consumer scenario solutions to enable merchants to expand their business from offline to online. Options cover e-commerce, food & beverage ordering systems, hotel booking systems and others.

Ksher started providing cross-border payment services in several countries, including Thailand in 2016. By creating seamless Chinese payment solutions for merchants globally, Ksher has linked local merchants to billions of Chinese e-wallet users. In light of growth trends in Chinese outbound tourists, cross-border e-commerce and others business opportunities, Ksher has achieved US$1 billion transaction benchmark in just three years. Today, Ksher serves over 100,000 merchants with the service launched in nine countries. Meanwhile, it has acquired 35 financial licenses and established cooperations with nine e-wallet enterprises globally. By 2020, this number expected to rise to 50 e-wallets.In

Southeast Asia alone, the population is over 570 million with 360 million Internet users of which 90% are connected by mobile phone. By 2025, e-payment transaction volume is expected to cross US$1 trillion. Ksher believes that e-wallet will be the most popular payment option in Southeast Asia as banking services are not enough to meet the needs of the merchants domestically and internationally. Meanwhile, technology innovation trends are accelerating this procedure.

Business owners and merchants interested in using Ksher’s E-payment services solutions to expand their customer bases with Chinese and Thai tourists can apply for the service with no registration fee. Please call 02-150-0508 ext. 2, or contact Line@: @Ksherservice, or visit our website: for more information.


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