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Ksher was honored to be invited as a guest speaker to Siam University on the economic importance of

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Mr. Premchai Kusolrerkdee, the vice president of Ksher, was honored to be invited as a guest speaker to Siam University on the economic importance of China and ASEAN.

“Ksher is a FinTech rising rapidly. The company offers convenience to receive money from Chinese people through Wechat Pay and Alipay. Currently, their services included Truemoney and Promptpay. The company sees the importance of the main market in China. It is closely related to ASEAN in the future. “

– Trade

– Investment

– Tourism: china has a very high role in tourism.

Currently, 77% of tourists in Singapore come from China. Indonesians come next. And the market in Thailand itself currently has been experiencing a slow-down because of trade fiction between China and the United States. China is the largest trading partner for ASEAN now. Since the conflict with US, the once major trading partner, Chinese are turning to trade with ASEAN more.

China is the largest import source and export destination for Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The main products of these trades are electronic products and agricultural products. Therefore China is an important trading partner for ASEAN. Japan is the main investor for ASEAN, followed by China. Indonesia has attracted the most FDI in this region since the economy is boosting rapidly. So far, 25.3 million Chinese tourists entered Indonesia each year.

One important opportunity for Thailand is the One Belt One Road project, which connects travelers from ASEAN to Europe and Africa via both flight and rail, and is worth 25 trillion for the market size.

Money in the future

The number of users participated in online market has increased from 360 million to 560 million There is a very high increase in marketing online, marketing is important for ASEAN. The dominant country in the digital economy is Singapore, which is home to Grab Sea (Garena) everyone probably knows Grab because it is an application that Thai people like to call taxi service, motorcycle, delivery, including food delivery. The other star is Tokopedia from Indonesia.

The current market value of the digital market is $ 1 billion. At this moment, most of the market players are increasingly interested in payment. Ksher also sees the importance of E-wallet in the current market, so our company keeps evolving in order to keep up with the digital economy trend.


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